The Truth About God | Anchored Week 1

In this series, we dig into non-negotiable beliefs about God that withstand every storm.

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    You were made to be brave.
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    You were born to make a difference.
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    God designed you for heart pumping, joy filled adventure
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    and we're here to guide you to that adventurous life.
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    Crossroads Church. - Hi, my name is Brian Tome.
  • 00:00:17
    I'm the founding and senior pastor at Crossroads.
  • 00:00:20
    I have to give my full title and the things that I do because some of
  • 00:00:23
    you don't recognize me. Yeah, I've got a little -- a little this
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    going on. A little scruffage going on, a little beard starter kit
  • 00:00:31
    going. Why is that?
  • 00:00:32
    That looks -- I know I'm going to get to it in just a little bit.
  • 00:00:35
    I'll talk about that later. But I also want to talk about why it is
  • 00:00:39
    you haven't seen me for a few weeks because
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    here at Crossroads we believe that the voice of God
  • 00:00:44
    comes through more than just one person.
  • 00:00:47
    We believe that we need to hear diverse people
  • 00:00:49
    and diverse perspectives to get a full understanding
  • 00:00:52
    of who Got is, that's why I willfully and willingly
  • 00:00:56
    give up teaching time for other people to do it
  • 00:00:58
    who do just great job.
  • 00:00:59
    Chuck has done great.
  • 00:01:00
    Kyle's done great.
  • 00:01:02
    And what's going on today is going to be
  • 00:01:04
    really, really cool as well.
  • 00:01:06
    And we want to connect with you. We know that there are so many things
  • 00:01:09
    that are uncertain in our times.
  • 00:01:11
    You know, if you're struggling, if you want to talk with somebody
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    or just you've got nothing better to do,
  • 00:01:15
    you want to hang out and find somebody laugh with,
  • 00:01:17
    we could do that with you, too.
  • 00:01:18
    Go to and we will interact with you
  • 00:01:21
    and pray for you or meet any needs that we can.
  • 00:01:24
    Well, today we start a new series called Anchored.
  • 00:01:29
    It's on the historic beliefs of the Christian faith.
  • 00:01:32
    What is it that actually makes the Christian faith?
  • 00:01:36
    We initially were going to call this series Creed,
  • 00:01:40
    but we don't want to be confusing because
  • 00:01:43
    some of you go, "Creed?
  • 00:01:44
    Can you take me higher?"
  • 00:01:47
    Remember that Scott's Stapp, Creed, get it?
  • 00:01:49
    or Michael B. Jordan.
  • 00:01:51
    Watch it. I'm telling you watch the Creed series.
  • 00:01:54
    It is amazing.
  • 00:01:57
    But the real creed, the original creed was the Apostles' Creed.
  • 00:02:00
    It was this assimilation of core beliefs
  • 00:02:05
    of non-negotiables that the early followers of Christ
  • 00:02:08
    just saw if you're going to be a follower of Christ,
  • 00:02:11
    if you're to be a Christian, this is what it is.
  • 00:02:15
    This is what it means.
  • 00:02:17
    And we're gonna cover those things during this series.
  • 00:02:20
    Why is that? Because we live in turbulent times,
  • 00:02:23
    because there are unsual abnormal, freaky,
  • 00:02:28
    unexpected things that are happening all around us right now.
  • 00:02:32
    It's not just what's been happening over the past nine weeks.
  • 00:02:36
    Can you believe it's that long?
  • 00:02:37
    Nine freaking weeks?
  • 00:02:39
    It's not just the last nine weeks,
  • 00:02:41
    it's what happens in the future.
  • 00:02:44
    What's unemployment going to net out at?
  • 00:02:46
    Is there going to be an economic recovery?
  • 00:02:49
    Will I ever be able to do this again?
  • 00:02:51
    Well, I do -- when do I?
  • 00:02:53
    There is so much uncertainty that in times of uncertainty,
  • 00:02:57
    with all the waves that are happening,
  • 00:02:59
    we need be anchored.
  • 00:03:01
    We need to know what it is we're rooted in.
  • 00:03:04
    We need to know what is our source of life,
  • 00:03:07
    what is our source of reality, what is our source,
  • 00:03:10
    our filter for understanding
  • 00:03:12
    all the things that are happening with us.
  • 00:03:14
    Jesus is the greatest source, He is the greatest filter.
  • 00:03:17
    He's the greatest anchor that anyone has ever known
  • 00:03:20
    and that you can ever know.
  • 00:03:23
    He is time tested.
  • 00:03:25
    He is weighty, but there is a way to understand Him
  • 00:03:28
    and to understand the God of the Bible.
  • 00:03:30
    And that's we're talking about in this series.
  • 00:03:32
    It's called Anchored.
  • 00:03:34
    Let's get started. - In Ephesians 4:14, it says this:
  • 00:03:55
    I'm Chuck Mingo, one of the teaching pastors at Crossroads.
  • 00:03:58
    And for the next five weeks, we're gonna talk about
  • 00:04:00
    what does it mean to be anchored?
  • 00:04:02
    We're gonna do that by looking at the Apostles' Creed.
  • 00:04:06
    You know, in the 2nd and 3rd centuries,
  • 00:04:07
    followers of Jesus recognize there's a lot of confusing beliefs
  • 00:04:11
    about who God is, who Jesus is,
  • 00:04:13
    and they knew that a false faith wouldn't help anybody
  • 00:04:16
    in a time of trouble. And so they put together a summation
  • 00:04:19
    of the core fundamental teachings of scripture,
  • 00:04:22
    about God, about Jesus, about the Holy Spirit,
  • 00:04:25
    so that every follower of Jesus, not just in their day,
  • 00:04:28
    but in our day, could have an anchor.
  • 00:04:30
    Behind me is Old St George's church.
  • 00:04:33
    This is a church that actually some years ago
  • 00:04:36
    burned down and it almost was destroyed forever.
  • 00:04:39
    It's been a great revival story to see this building
  • 00:04:41
    once again be a church.
  • 00:04:44
    And the reason is because it was built on a firm foundation.
  • 00:04:55
    - In the 2nd and 3rd century, just like today,
  • 00:04:58
    there were a lot of opinions on what it meant
  • 00:05:00
    to believe in Jesus. His followers knew this was a problem,
  • 00:05:03
    so they worked together to write formal statements
  • 00:05:06
    about what those non-negotiable beliefs were.
  • 00:05:08
    They called those statements creeds
  • 00:05:11
    and one of the most well-known and enduring
  • 00:05:13
    is the Apostles' Creed.
  • 00:05:58
    For 1700 years, these are the truths
  • 00:06:01
    that Christians have anchored themselves to.
  • 00:06:05
    - And today, I want to talk about the anchor within the anchor,
  • 00:06:09
    the first sentence of the creed which says
  • 00:06:12
    I believe in God, the father almighty,
  • 00:06:14
    creator of heaven and earth.
  • 00:06:17
    Now, if you claim to be a Christian, you're like,
  • 00:06:18
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course I believe that about God."
  • 00:06:20
    Hey, not so fast.
  • 00:06:22
    I want to challenge you
  • 00:06:23
    that you can be a Christian in name only
  • 00:06:26
    and actually not believe in the God of the Bible.
  • 00:06:29
    I once heard it said you can't outlive your beliefs.
  • 00:06:32
    What that means is no matter what you say you believe,
  • 00:06:34
    how you live your life is what determines
  • 00:06:36
    what you actually believe.
  • 00:06:39
    So many of us are being misled and we don't even know it.
  • 00:06:44
    We're being misled by two very accepted
  • 00:06:46
    and yet very wrong views of this God, creator,
  • 00:06:49
    maker of heaven and earth.
  • 00:06:52
    And in a minute, I'm going to tell you what those two are,
  • 00:06:54
    because I don't want you to fall into either of them.
  • 00:07:01
    There is a belief system that many people,
  • 00:07:05
    even those who call themselves Christians,
  • 00:07:07
    have fallen into for years.
  • 00:07:11
    And it actually leads to utter hopelessness.
  • 00:07:14
    I'm going to call it Jedi-ism.
  • 00:07:18
    I'm standing in the bell tower of Old St George
  • 00:07:21
    and just being here, I'm reminded of how big God is
  • 00:07:24
    as I overlook the city.
  • 00:07:26
    In fact, the only reason this bell tower is still here
  • 00:07:29
    is because of the firm foundation of this building.
  • 00:07:31
    You can see behind me where this was impacted in the fire.
  • 00:07:34
    But it stands today because the foundation was firm.
  • 00:07:38
    Yet as I look out over the city, I'm reminded
  • 00:07:40
    that there are many people who would not stand in a fire.
  • 00:07:45
    And that's because their foundation
  • 00:07:46
    is really no foundation at all.
  • 00:07:49
    The scientific term for this dangerous belief system
  • 00:07:53
    is pantheism, but I call it Jedi-ism, like I said,
  • 00:07:56
    because it's a belief that God is more of
  • 00:07:58
    a general force than an actual person, a being,
  • 00:08:01
    a personality that wants relationship with you and with me.
  • 00:08:06
    And you might be a pantheist if
  • 00:08:09
    you don't believe there's real evil in the world,
  • 00:08:12
    but you just think it's all shades of gray.
  • 00:08:14
    You might be a pantheist if you believe that
  • 00:08:16
    all religions basically follow the same God.
  • 00:08:19
    They just give that God different names.
  • 00:08:22
    You might be a pantheist if you listen to the universe
  • 00:08:25
    to speak to you or you think that fate is guiding your life.
  • 00:08:29
    Or you might be a pantheist if you believe that
  • 00:08:32
    God is everywhere and God is in everything.
  • 00:08:35
    See, I call it Jedi-ism because let me --
  • 00:08:38
    let me be clear, I'm a big Star Wars fan.
  • 00:08:40
    I love Star Wars. In fact, Disney+, please accelerate the release
  • 00:08:43
    of season two of Mandalorian.
  • 00:08:45
    My family and I can't wait.
  • 00:08:46
    What a great way to spend our summer.
  • 00:08:48
    I'm a big Star Wars fan, and in the world of fiction,
  • 00:08:50
    it's neat to think about a general force
  • 00:08:52
    that's kind of out there.
  • 00:08:54
    But in my nonfiction life, I want a God who is right here.
  • 00:08:58
    I want a God who is present in my life.
  • 00:09:01
    I don't want a force, I want a relationship with a being
  • 00:09:04
    who can know me and who can love me.
  • 00:09:07
    So why is pantheism so popular then?
  • 00:09:10
    I mean, isn't it common to hear people talk about
  • 00:09:11
    New Age spirituality or healing crystals
  • 00:09:14
    or all these kinds of things?
  • 00:09:16
    Yes, very popular.
  • 00:09:17
    And you know why? Because with pantheism,
  • 00:09:20
    I can say God is in me or God is around me
  • 00:09:23
    and therefore, I get to determine truth
  • 00:09:26
    so you can't question me.
  • 00:09:28
    But wait, can we just pause and tell the truth?
  • 00:09:31
    If you and I get to be the ultimate arbiters
  • 00:09:33
    on what's right and wrong in the world,
  • 00:09:35
    this world is in big trouble.
  • 00:09:38
    That's why the Creed summarizes this core belief
  • 00:09:42
    that I believe in God, the Father Almighty,
  • 00:09:46
    Creator of heaven and earth.
  • 00:09:48
    God is a person and He's a powerful person
  • 00:09:51
    and He is the creator of everything.
  • 00:09:57
    There's another dangerous belief system
  • 00:10:00
    that many Americans fall into.
  • 00:10:03
    Actually, 15 years ago, sociologists studied American teenagers.
  • 00:10:07
    So these are people who are now 30 years old,
  • 00:10:09
    they're adults, to try to describe
  • 00:10:11
    what they really believe in terms of their spiritual faith.
  • 00:10:15
    And they actually came up with a term for it:
  • 00:10:17
    Moralistic Therapeutic Diesem,
  • 00:10:20
    which basically teaches that God gave us
  • 00:10:23
    moral demands early, you know, in the Bible,
  • 00:10:26
    but religion is basically there to make us
  • 00:10:28
    feel better about ourselves.
  • 00:10:30
    And God is not involved in our everyday lives.
  • 00:10:34
    And again, I know you're like, "I don't believe that.
  • 00:10:36
    I don't believe that's true." But it's not what you say.
  • 00:10:40
    It's how you live your life.
  • 00:10:41
    So you might be a deist.
  • 00:10:44
    You might be a deist if you only allow God to have an advisory role in
  • 00:10:48
    your life and you're really not into total surrender,
  • 00:10:52
    which is actually what God asks for.
  • 00:10:54
    You might be a deist if you pray on occasion,
  • 00:10:57
    but when nothing happens from your prayers
  • 00:11:00
    you assume that prayer doesn't work.
  • 00:11:02
    Or you may be a deist if when there's pain in life
  • 00:11:07
    and things get hard, you actually accuse God
  • 00:11:10
    and blame Him for not being present to take away your pain.
  • 00:11:15
    I have to confess that last one really convicts me.
  • 00:11:19
    I have to confess my own MTD.
  • 00:11:21
    You know, nothing reveals what you really believe
  • 00:11:23
    about God like difficulty and suffering.
  • 00:11:26
    I would love to say that in the midst of the quarantine,
  • 00:11:29
    with the challenges that I face relationally
  • 00:11:31
    and other challenges in my life, that I've just been
  • 00:11:33
    a strong Christian leader through it all.
  • 00:11:35
    You know, always thankful, "God is good all the time."
  • 00:11:37
    That is not true. I've had moments of failure.
  • 00:11:40
    I've had moments of weakness. And I've had this through line of
  • 00:11:43
    blaming God, of even accusing God.
  • 00:11:45
    And you know what? I've had to repent and just say,
  • 00:11:47
    "God, I'm not understanding who You are.
  • 00:11:50
    I'm not operating in the belief of who You really are.
  • 00:11:53
    You don't tell me that I'm going to have
  • 00:11:55
    a life free of suffering, but You do promise
  • 00:11:57
    to be with me in the middle of it."
  • 00:11:59
    Maybe you can relate to that.
  • 00:12:01
    Maybe you can relate to the challenges of believing
  • 00:12:04
    that God is with you when things are painful
  • 00:12:07
    and when things are tough.
  • 00:12:09
    But I have to ask myself why.
  • 00:12:11
    Why do I fall prey to this?
  • 00:12:13
    You know why? Because, again, Deism is a great belief system
  • 00:12:17
    in our modern sensibility, because Deism basically says,
  • 00:12:20
    "All right, if God's not in control,
  • 00:12:22
    then I get to be in control."
  • 00:12:24
    Are you seeing the through line here,
  • 00:12:25
    whether it's pantheism or deism?
  • 00:12:28
    It always boils down to who's going to be
  • 00:12:31
    in control of your life?
  • 00:12:33
    So we could say that Deism is really me-ism
  • 00:12:38
    and that's why the words of the Creed are so grounding,
  • 00:12:40
    they anchor us in a deeper truth
  • 00:12:42
    that God is the creator of heaven and earth,
  • 00:12:45
    that He's above us, that He's in control even of our lives.
  • 00:12:51
    Psalm 27:10 says this:
  • 00:12:59
    I know if you've ever thought about this.
  • 00:13:01
    I know for some of us fathers and mothers forsaking us
  • 00:13:03
    is a part of our story, it's a painful part of our story.
  • 00:13:05
    Maybe the father who wasn't present,
  • 00:13:07
    maybe the mother who walked away, whatever it is,
  • 00:13:10
    all of us eventually will be forsaken by our parents.
  • 00:13:14
    I'm really thankful that I had 44 years to enjoy
  • 00:13:17
    relationship with my dad.
  • 00:13:18
    But you know what? My dad passed away last year
  • 00:13:21
    and I've been forsaken in that way.
  • 00:13:24
    My father, my earthly father is no longer present
  • 00:13:27
    to meet the needs of an earthly father.
  • 00:13:29
    We will all be forsaken by our parents at some point
  • 00:13:31
    because our parents are finite and their lives will end.
  • 00:13:34
    But God is infinite and God is still creating things.
  • 00:13:40
    Or I should say this, not only is He creating things,
  • 00:13:42
    but He is recreating things.
  • 00:13:45
    Look at this building. I am standing on the balcony of Old St George
  • 00:13:49
    Church. This is a church that for 25 years was not a church.
  • 00:13:52
    This is a church that some five years ago
  • 00:13:55
    had its steeples burned in a fire
  • 00:13:56
    and people thought this building is done.
  • 00:13:59
    But I am standing in what is a re-created space
  • 00:14:03
    where, before the quarantine, every weekend
  • 00:14:05
    there were thousands of people who experienced God here,
  • 00:14:08
    who got to connect with God in this way.
  • 00:14:11
    And, you know what? I believe it will be used for that purpose once
  • 00:14:13
    again. This building is a visible and physical reminder
  • 00:14:17
    that our God is not done, that our God is still
  • 00:14:20
    in the business of taking the rubble of lives
  • 00:14:23
    and rebuilding them. Our God is still in the business of healing
  • 00:14:26
    and saving and delivering.
  • 00:14:28
    In fact, it actually tells us this where it says:
  • 00:14:40
    I love that.
  • 00:14:42
    This work of salvation, the work that Jesus came to do
  • 00:14:44
    in you and in me, of taking my broken soul
  • 00:14:47
    that was separated from God and reuniting it to Him
  • 00:14:51
    through grace, that work is an ongoing work.
  • 00:14:54
    It doesn't say that I just was saved,
  • 00:14:56
    but it says I am being saved.
  • 00:14:58
    Right now I'm being saved.
  • 00:15:00
    Right now I'm being renewed.
  • 00:15:02
    Right now God is birthing new life in me
  • 00:15:05
    and He's doing that in everyone who follows Him.
  • 00:15:09
    1 John 4:16 says this:
  • 00:15:18
    Do you know God loves you?
  • 00:15:20
    Do you know how much God loves you?
  • 00:15:24
    And do you believe it? I mean, like in your bones, believe it?
  • 00:15:29
    Like right now things might not be going well,
  • 00:15:31
    but you are not abandoned believe it.
  • 00:15:33
    I mean, like right now, knowing that that thing
  • 00:15:36
    that you think can never be redeemed,
  • 00:15:37
    that God is in the process of redeeming it, believe it.
  • 00:15:40
    Do you believe that? Because if you do, that will anchor your life
  • 00:15:46
    and you will be able to rise up again.
  • 00:20:23
    - God as Creator is really a powerful thing
  • 00:20:26
    to say about God, because being creation is powerful.
  • 00:20:30
    There's something you get to know about God
  • 00:20:33
    when you get into a vast, wide open space.
  • 00:20:37
    Oh, I hear a Dixie Chicks song.
  • 00:20:41
    I've got to scruff on me because I just got back
  • 00:20:43
    from a overland trip with some friends.
  • 00:20:45
    We camped the whole time, we camped in six states.
  • 00:20:48
    And when I get outside of my normal surroundings,
  • 00:20:51
    like here on my front porch, when I get outside
  • 00:20:54
    and see things, I see God, I experience God.
  • 00:20:58
    This is just one of the things that I said
  • 00:20:59
    when I got off the side of the road,
  • 00:21:01
    they stuck and iPhone in my face
  • 00:21:03
    that might mean something to you right now.
  • 00:21:05
    I've been out in God's beautiful creation.
  • 00:21:08
    I just keep thinking of the beginning of that Creed:
  • 00:21:12
    God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.
  • 00:21:16
    Some people just get too upset about how did God create this?
  • 00:21:19
    How long did God take to create it?
  • 00:21:21
    What was the whole process? All that's fine.
  • 00:21:25
    Truth is, He is the creator.
  • 00:21:27
    Something created all of this.
  • 00:21:30
    There was a design of beauty where God is both
  • 00:21:33
    an engineer and an artist.
  • 00:21:35
    And you can't help but be in a place like this
  • 00:21:39
    and feel closer to the heart of God
  • 00:21:42
    and more bewildered by His wonder.
  • 00:21:47
    Well, just as God is Creator, we want to be like Him.
  • 00:21:51
    That means that we get to be in the creation process
  • 00:21:53
    or the re-creation process because
  • 00:21:55
    there are broken things all over our world.
  • 00:21:58
    And one of the ways that we engage the church
  • 00:22:01
    is we step into the void
  • 00:22:02
    and our generosity helps to fuel that.
  • 00:22:05
    If you're a generous person or if you're a tither,
  • 00:22:09
    they're giving back 10% of -- the first 10%
  • 00:22:12
    of whatever God blesses you with to your home church,
  • 00:22:15
    you can go to
  • 00:22:17
    or you can text Crossroads at 313131
  • 00:22:22
    as we put those resource to work
  • 00:22:24
    and as we try to be about the work of recreating
  • 00:22:26
    this world that God loves so very, very much.
  • 00:22:29
    So let's take a look at some of the things that we're doing,
  • 00:22:32
    because your generosity has been utterly astounding.
  • 00:22:33
    Tens of thousands of pounds of food
  • 00:22:37
    have gone to hurting and hungry people
  • 00:22:39
    right in our communities during this time.
  • 00:22:42
    Let's take a look at what that looks like.
  • 00:22:51
    - Hey, I'm Tim Senff and I'm the Mason community pastor
  • 00:22:53
    here at Crossroads. And we're having a food drive this morning.
  • 00:22:57
    And we got the word out, sent the bat signal out
  • 00:22:59
    over social media, an email just a few days ago.
  • 00:23:02
    And it's incredible to see people who are driving in,
  • 00:23:05
    dropping off food with just a few days' notice
  • 00:23:08
    and during a time when people are locking down,
  • 00:23:10
    when people are isolating, we're saying,
  • 00:23:12
    "Let's go be the church.
  • 00:23:14
    Let's go be a blessing
  • 00:23:16
    and let's surround our community with love."
  • 00:23:27
    - When you root out false beliefs about God
  • 00:23:29
    and replace them, anchor your life in the kind of
  • 00:23:32
    truths that the Creed talks about,
  • 00:23:33
    your faith will stand the test of time.
  • 00:23:36
    Just like stained glass is an art form
  • 00:23:38
    that has stood the test of time.
  • 00:23:39
    I'm at classical stained glass studios.
  • 00:23:42
    And the artist Terry told us something interesting
  • 00:23:44
    about this art form that's existed for thousands of years,
  • 00:23:46
    just like the Creeds have existed for thousands of years.
  • 00:23:49
    He said stained glass is one of the few works of art
  • 00:23:51
    that you will buy that will actually outlive you.
  • 00:23:55
    These Creed's, these timeless truths,
  • 00:23:57
    they will outlive us, but for our lives
  • 00:23:59
    they become anchors that can hold in a storm.
  • 00:24:03
    Hebrews 6:19 says this:
  • 00:24:13
    What is that talking about?
  • 00:24:14
    That curtain is actually a reference to
  • 00:24:16
    the Old Testament temple where God lived,
  • 00:24:19
    His presence live behind a curtain
  • 00:24:20
    in what was called the most holy place.
  • 00:24:22
    And no one was allowed to go there
  • 00:24:24
    to be in the presence of God.
  • 00:24:26
    But what this verse is saying is there is a way
  • 00:24:29
    God has made for you and I to get behind the curtain
  • 00:24:32
    and to experience intimate relationship with God Himself.
  • 00:24:36
    You can be anchored in Him.
  • 00:24:38
    And Thank God He exists.
  • 00:24:41
    The Creed puts it this way:
  • 00:24:43
    I believe in God, the Father Almighty,
  • 00:24:46
    Creator of heaven and earth.
  • 00:24:48
    Because, think about it, if God could be anything,
  • 00:24:51
    wouldn't you want God to be personal?
  • 00:24:54
    Wouldn't you want Him to be a God who
  • 00:24:56
    actually cares about you, not a generic force
  • 00:24:58
    out there in the universe somewhere,
  • 00:24:59
    but a God who is a person, a being that
  • 00:25:01
    you can have relationship with?
  • 00:25:02
    And wouldn't you want him to be powerful?
  • 00:25:04
    Wouldn't you want to know that He has
  • 00:25:06
    the power to change things, to make things happen?
  • 00:25:10
    And wouldn't you want to know that He is present?
  • 00:25:12
    That He is available in your right here right now life?
  • 00:25:17
    Because if you had a God like that, and I want
  • 00:25:19
    to submit to you that that is exactly who God is,
  • 00:25:22
    having a God like that,
  • 00:25:24
    it gives you hope in hopeless times.
  • 00:25:26
    It means that in the midst of your life in upheaval,
  • 00:25:28
    you don't have to lose hope.
  • 00:25:29
    You can be anchored to something firm.
  • 00:25:32
    That also roots you and anchors you in purpose.
  • 00:25:35
    Your life has meaning if that's the God who created you.
  • 00:25:39
    And for you and I, it anchors us in an identity
  • 00:25:44
    because I know now that the shape of my life
  • 00:25:46
    is meant to look like the shape of my God.
  • 00:25:48
    It's meant to look like Him in love.
  • 00:25:50
    It's meant to look like Him in mercy.
  • 00:25:52
    It's meant to look like Him in justice.
  • 00:25:53
    It's meant to look like Him in truth and creativity
  • 00:25:56
    and beauty in caring about people, in growing.
  • 00:26:00
    That's what it means to be rooted in this kind of God.
  • 00:26:06
    You know, I used to read that verse in Hebrews
  • 00:26:08
    and think that it meant that God was the anchor.
  • 00:26:11
    But that's actually not what it's saying at all.
  • 00:26:13
    It's saying that hope in God is the anchor.
  • 00:26:16
    Having confidence in God is the anchor.
  • 00:26:18
    You know why Old St George is still standing
  • 00:26:20
    and still a church? It's because the foundation is anchored in rock,
  • 00:26:24
    immovable rock. Do you know why an anchor is able to keep a boat
  • 00:26:28
    solid in the middle of the storm at sea?
  • 00:26:31
    It's because it gets a chance to go down
  • 00:26:33
    to the bed of the ocean and grip itself,
  • 00:26:35
    root itself to the solid ground that is the ocean floor.
  • 00:26:39
    And that's exactly what God is for you and I.
  • 00:26:42
    God is not the anchor, but God is the solid ground
  • 00:26:45
    in which we can grip our anchor, we can grip our hope,
  • 00:26:49
    and it can sustain our lives.
  • 00:26:52
    Are you anchored? Are you anchored in God?
  • 00:26:56
    If you're not, you can be.
  • 00:26:58
    He's made a way for you to be anchored in Him.
  • 00:27:02
    In fact, the next line of the Creed says:
  • 00:27:05
    I believe in Jesus Christ, his only son, our Lord.
  • 00:27:10
    I don't have time to go into that today.
  • 00:27:12
    That's for next time.
  • 00:27:14
    But I will say this, if you want to be anchored in God
  • 00:27:18
    then you've got to do the hard work.
  • 00:27:19
    In fact, if you are a Christian,
  • 00:27:21
    if you are a person who follows Jesus,
  • 00:27:22
    I want to challenge you to do this work because
  • 00:27:25
    I think we can forget and we can get off
  • 00:27:28
    in different beliefs that are not the core.
  • 00:27:30
    They're not the anchor that we first came to God with.
  • 00:27:33
    So I want to challenge all of you,
  • 00:27:34
    no matter where you are in the spiritual spectrum,
  • 00:27:36
    to consider where you're placing your hope.
  • 00:27:39
    What are you anchoring your life to?
  • 00:27:42
    Is it this personal, powerful, and present God
  • 00:27:45
    or is it a general force?
  • 00:27:47
    Or are you buying into the lie
  • 00:27:48
    of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
  • 00:27:50
    and thinking that God is not involved in your everyday life
  • 00:27:53
    and ultimately religion is just here
  • 00:27:54
    to make you feel better about yourself?
  • 00:27:56
    I want to challenge you to do the hard work
  • 00:27:59
    and where you find those false beliefs to repent,
  • 00:28:02
    to change your mind, to turn from that lie to the truth,
  • 00:28:07
    the Life-Giving truth that there is a God
  • 00:28:10
    who is worth anchoring your life to.
  • 00:28:13
    Let me pray for us right now.
  • 00:28:15
    God, I just pray that You would be working like a heart surgeon,
  • 00:28:19
    that You would be revealing things in our heart
  • 00:28:22
    that are lies that are not true.
  • 00:28:24
    And as You expose them in love,
  • 00:28:26
    that we would just agree with you
  • 00:28:28
    and we would walk away from those lies
  • 00:28:31
    and we would live in Your truth.
  • 00:28:32
    I believe that whoever is listening right now
  • 00:28:35
    is invited into a relationship with you.
  • 00:28:37
    You love them and You have truth for them and goodness for them.
  • 00:28:41
    God, I pray that we would receive it and as a result,
  • 00:28:44
    our lives would be ready to stand and withstand any storm.
  • 00:28:50
    In Jesus' name. Amen.
  • 00:28:54
    Singing is one way we can respond to
  • 00:28:56
    the Life-Giving truth that God is worthy
  • 00:28:59
    of anchoring our lives to.
  • 00:29:01
    These ancient words remind us that God is a personal,
  • 00:29:03
    powerful, and present hope for all of us.
  • 00:37:40
    - That was good stuff today.
  • 00:37:41
    I hope you agree. It's great being re-grounded or ground for the
  • 00:37:45
    first time on exactly who God is.
  • 00:37:47
    Our God wants us to engage in our world.
  • 00:37:50
    One of the key things we've done as a church
  • 00:37:52
    for years and years and years and years
  • 00:37:54
    has been our one day serving blitz called Go Local.
  • 00:37:58
    It's going to be a bit different this year for obvious reasons,
  • 00:38:01
    but make no mistake about it,
  • 00:38:02
    we are not retreating inside of our homes.
  • 00:38:05
    We want to be a blessing to people in our communities.
  • 00:38:08
    To get ideas as to how to serve go to
  • 00:38:17
    It's going to be a big, big, important day for our communities.
  • 00:38:21
    Please do that. Next week we're going to get back to our series on
  • 00:38:24
    Anchored. We'll look at the next line in the Apostles' Creed
  • 00:38:28
    because they're trying to make sure that
  • 00:38:31
    no matter how much is swirling around here,
  • 00:38:33
    we're able remain stable in the midst of the storm.
  • 00:38:37
    Not just stable, but also able to thrive.
  • 00:38:41
    That can happen. That will happen.
  • 00:38:43
    We'll see you next weekend. - Hi, my name's Patty Abrams.
  • 00:38:52
    - And I'm Devron Abrams. - And we're part of the Crossroads Louisville
  • 00:38:55
    community. A couple of weeks ago, our neighbors basketball goal
  • 00:39:00
    blew over when we had a bunch of storm winds.
  • 00:39:02
    And after learning that their daughter is graduating
  • 00:39:06
    this year without a ceremony
  • 00:39:09
    and that she's practicing really hard
  • 00:39:12
    to stay conditioned for basketball,
  • 00:39:14
    Devron and I felt really calle- d to help them out.
  • 00:39:17
    So we took it upon ourselves to reach out
  • 00:39:19
    to our Crossroads community and ask, you know,
  • 00:39:23
    if anyone that would be willing to donate
  • 00:39:25
    and contribute to purchasing a new goal for this young lady.
  • 00:39:28
    - They all said they were in
  • 00:39:31
    and they all really enjoyed contributing
  • 00:39:33
    to give this girl something that we knew she would love.
  • 00:39:37
    So we went and bought a new basketball goal.
  • 00:39:40
    And we walked it over to their house
  • 00:39:42
    and they were just so grateful.
  • 00:39:45
    - She was immediately practicing, shooting around.
  • 00:39:49
    And her father and us also stayed around
  • 00:39:53
    to just kind of shoot around and kind of enjoy
  • 00:39:57
    the work that we put in setting up that goal.
  • 00:40:00
    - It was really cool to see our community pitch in
  • 00:40:04
    all together, to have those people that you could just say,
  • 00:40:07
    "Hey, we know somebody in need
  • 00:40:10
    and we feel like we're called to help,"
  • 00:40:12
    and they feel the same way.

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  2. If a stranger were to observe your typical day, what are some beliefs they’d say you have? What behaviors would be the indicators of those beliefs?

  3. What’s your biggest challenge in believing God wants to be in an intimate relationship with you? What has to change for that belief to shift?

  4. In what area(s) of your life are you trying to take control? Be specific. Once everyone shares, what could it look like to let go, and let God be more personal, powerful, and/or present?

  5. There are broken places in us and in the world. Read John 5:17. What’s one way you can be part of the creation or recreation process this week? Share that with the group. After each person shares, someone else pray specifically for that step they’ll take. (Hint: Pick something that involves someone else, whether it’s literally mending a neighbors fence, or mending a friendship.)

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