Is Heaven Real?

It’s a scary question, but it might have the most amazing answer ever.

Is heaven real? What happens when we die?

Regardless of what you believe about God, faith, or religion, everybody has to come to terms with the fact that you will one day die. You’ll take your last breath, other people will put your body in a box in the ground, and then what?

The easiest thing would be to just live for the moment, choosing not to think about what may or may not happen next. Whatever happens in this world, and the time you have in it, will leave you fulfilled.

But is that good enough? For most of us, that idea simply doesn’t sit right. If this world is so great, why do we even fear death? Why is it so painful to lose a loved one? Why, even when things are going really well in our lives, do we still feel empty?

The stereotypical idea of Heaven is a big cloud where we can wear togas and play harps for all eternity. Even if it were real, it doesn’t sound very exciting or desirable. We’d like to give a different perspective, one that not only gives us hope for the end, but meaningful impact for our lives today.