A website dedicated to helping you wrestle with life’s biggest questions.

Yes, this site was made by a church. Yes, we believe in Jesus. But believe it or not, we still struggle with these questions. We know the idea of God can seem too good to be true. Life can be tremendously difficult and unfair, making a higher power seem nonexistent or cruel. And if you’ve had some experience with church, maybe you got nothing out of it, or it even hurt you. In the midst of all this, is it still possible that there is someone out there who loves us and wants to make our lives better?

We built this site for everyone who feels alone, empty, hurt, or just wants to believe in something better. We want to walk you through 3 massive questions about God in a fresh, honest perspective that isn’t just “because the Bible says so.”

Oh, and before you ask, we’re not here to ask for your money or join a cult. Seriously.

Is God Real?

“He doesn’t even exist.” “He’s ignoring us.” “He’s there, but it turns out he’s a jerk.” If you’ve ever thought any of these, you’re in the right place.

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Is Heaven real?

Someday we’re all going to take our last breath. What happens then? All of human history has wrestled with this question, so you’re certainly not alone. Even better, there’s actually good reason to believe that there’s something—and something good—coming next.

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Why does God allow bad things to happen?

If God is so good and powerful, why is our world so painful and unfair? To answer that, we’ve got to take an honest look at what we assume about God.

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